How do you clean a toaster?

How do you clean a toaster

Toaster cleaning toasters that can be purchased nowadays almost all include a removable bottom so that the crumbs and food residues that settle there can be easily eliminated. How do , this is not enough to clean the toaster, because in any case, it is a product that is used to prepare food, and which the reform can become a receptacle for bacteria if it is not cleaned periodically.

Before carrying out any cleaning operation, you must remember to unplug the toaster from the power outlet and wait for it to cool completely. Immediately afterward, the pliers must be removed. It is a good idea to wash the tongs in which the toasts are inserted regularly. Generally, the tongs are made of steel, so when washing them they should not rust, but in any case, it is good to check the toaster’s instructions to avoid making mistakes. Normal dishwashing detergent can be used to wash the toaster tongs. If the plastic handles of the pliers can be removed, the pliers should also be dishwasher safe.

Sometimes the handles are too, while at other times, however, the only possible washing is by hand. Also, in this case, it is advisable to consult the instruction booklet enclosed with the appliance. If the tongs are not washed often and leaving them to soak for a few hours is not enough, you can try using a spray for cleaning the oven, but carefully following the instructions on the package. If the toaster does not have a removable bottom or a container to collect the crumbs, you can turn it upside down and shake it slightly so that the food residues deposited on the bottom come out. You can also give very light taps on the bottom to facilitate this operation.

After removing as many residues as possible from the inside of the toaster, the external part can be cleaned, which can easily be stained and dirty due to contact with the fingers. To do this you can use a slightly damp cloth and mild detergent that does not make a lot of foam. The exterior can then always be rinsed with a damp cloth and it would also be advisable to dry it to prevent it from rusting. It is not advisable to wash the inside of the toaster, i.e. the slots in which the tongs are inserted.

However, if you notice a bad smell or you see that the walls of the cracks are particularly dirty, you can use a cloth dampened and wrung out very well along the walls. When doing this, it is a good idea to keep the toaster upside down to prevent water from dripping onto the bottom. In addition, you should immediately dry the cracks with paper towels and wait until the toaster is completely dry before trying to turn it back on. In this sense, it would be better to wait at least a few hours, if not a full day. If you notice sparks or a burning smell when you switch it back on, you must unplug the toaster immediately from the socket and consider replacing it with a new one.