How to cook by the rotisseries

How to cook by the rotisseries

First good surprise, the roaster is ultra light, so very easy to handle. It changes me pleasantly from my cast iron casserole dish, perfect for simmering, but very heavy … Second advantage of the roaster: preparing the chicken took me a quarter of an hour. The longest part was taking out the ingredients and peeling the potatoes! I added a little olive oil but more out of habit than out of necessity. Once ready, in the oven!


To conclude, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the roaster in my opinion:
Its light weight, which makes it very easy to handle, and its ultra-easy maintenance.
Its big strong point: the ease of preparation, and especially the quality of the cooking.
I love: the fact that the oven stays clean, a real pleasure to cook without having to clean everything afterwards!
I did not find any real drawback to the roaster, but I will put a small flat concerning its look, a little dated for my taste.

What is the rotisserie used for?

The rotisserie is used to cook various types of food evenly, mainly the rotisserie Grill function is used in the preparation of chicken or other types of meat, where the rotisserie ensures a uniform baking because it rotates continuously.

How much can an electric rotisserie cost?

Clearly it is not possible to give a precise estimate here: in fact there are several variants to be taken into consideration before we can precisely define the cost of this object. Considering the technical differences, the variety of functions offered to the user, the brand, the model, the construction materials, the presence of more or less useful and valuable accessories included in the package or available for purchase at a later time, the design, the choice to buy in specialized stores or online, the presence of the characteristics described above and those who have more of them, the range of costs widens in fact enormously.

In general, therefore, we can say that a basic model can have a price ranging between 60 and 150 euros. A high-level product, however, can also require considerably higher disbursements and reach figures close to € 400.

Some useful clarifications
We have already mentioned the possibility of purchasing manual rotation motors to be added or integrated into the electric rotisserie . The cost of these devices can vary from 20 to 40 euros approximately. If you wanted to save something, at least on the purchase, you could buy a battery motor, but in the long run the choice will prove economically less convenient since the batteries still have their cost.

The advantage in this case lies in the possibility of using the rotisserie even when it is not possible to use electricity. The accessories of the spit, on the other hand, are normally sold in kits and also have costs that are anything but prohibitive.