Best home pizza oven, how to choose the countertop pizza ovens?

how to choose the countertop pizza ovens

There are all kinds of pizza ovens: wood-fired pizza ovens, charcoal pizza ovens, gas pizza ovens, countertop pizza ovens among others. The latter is known to be particularly easy to use. All you have to do is take your frozen pizza out of the freezer or fridge – or prepare your dough and your filling if you want to make homemade pizzas – put it inside the oven and wait for the cooking to do the rest. Countertop pizza ovens come in several diameters, shapes, and materials. In all cases, they have the merit of being economical, their cooking method being rapid. Now remains to answer a crucial question? How choose a countertop pizza oven over another best pizza oven? Well simply to gain serenity. In fact, by opting for such material, you will drastically reduce the number of manipulations necessary for the preparation and cooking of your pizza. You will also save a lot of time and be able to be more present with your family, friends and/or customers who love a good pizza.

Some criteria to consider before purchasing countertop pizza oven

There are a large number of countertop pizza ovens on the web. Some are offered at an unbeatable price while others are much more expensive, most of them are made of stainless steel but there are also exceptions, plastic or aluminum countertop pizza ovens in particular.

  • Some bake, others bake, others reheat or thaw.
  • There is everything! Faced with such a vast choice, which electric pizza oven should you turn to?
  • We will help you answer this question by establishing three criteria that we believe are essential.
  • We develop these three criteria below.
  • They’re sure to get your hands on the pizza oven you’ve been hoping for so long.

The size and compactness of the oven

You understand, before rushing to the first electric pizza oven, you will have to take into account different technical aspects but also practical. The first of these is none other than the size of your pizza oven. Indeed, you must choose it according to the space you have. If you do not have enough space in your kitchen, it is better to move towards a small model of an electric pizza oven. Those who follow the shapes of a pan are very practical because they are easy to store and simple to use. If you are a professional, there is also an aesthetic question to consider: your electric pizza oven must harmonize with your decoration while being efficient.

The number of pizzas supported

Depending on their size, some countertop pizza ovens can cook up to four pizzas simultaneously! Also, if you have significant needs, perhaps it is better to look at a professional model or an electric pizza oven in family size? Also, the versatility of your future electric oven could weigh in the balance. You are aware that some pizza ovens do not only bake pizzas: they can also cook your pies, gratins, and even cakes! This is something that could make all the difference, don’t you think?

Cooking and heat retention

Particular importance must also be given to the cooking system of your future electric pizza oven. The problem with many devices is that they let the heat out. Also, favor a pizza oven equipped with one or more refractory stones. Also, the presence of a glass window is always a good thing because it allows you to monitor the progress of cooking. Finally, an electric pizza oven worthy of the name must have certain features such as a thermometer and a timer. As explained above, we only recommend countertop pizza ovens whose power is greater than or equal to 1200 watts.

to summarize

To conclude, we do not choose an electric pizza oven as we choose a gas pizza oven for example. The criteria to be determined and respected are completely different. In the case of an electric pizza oven, the consumer demands versatility, lightness and a large number of options because he seeks above all to save time to be more present with his customers or guests. You have to see the electric pizza oven as a peaceful solution. Also, the other advantage of countertop pizza ovens, which we have not yet taken the time to mention, is their price. It is devilishly low so that all households should get one in 2016! Below, we end as usual with a small list that summarizes the essential points to remember before going to the checkout.

  • The materials and components of the pizza oven.
  • The presence or not of refractory stones.
  • The number of features offered.
  • The weight, size, and compactness of the oven.
  • The price of the oven and the budget you have