Pizza oven comparison and guide

Pizza oven comparison and guide


Are you an amateur cook? Tired of takeout pizzas or always requesting pizza delivery? Are you in love with Italy and love more than all Italian cuisine (Italian ice cream and pizza)? If you prefer to prepare a pizza with delicious tastes and quality ingredients, then you will need a good pizza oven. Previously considered as professional equipment, it is now accessible to all individuals. However, choosing your oven by chance is not indicated.

You risk disappointment and bad investment. Indeed, the choice does not look easy given the number of models sold on the market. This is also the case for very small household appliances such as the gas plancha, the centrifuge, the induction hob, the coffee grinder, the coffee machine, the dish warmer, the blender, the raclette appliance, the combined oven. , the can opener, the ice turbine or any other ice machine, the sauté pan, the toaster, the mixer beater, the peeler, the citrus press, the grinder, the crepe maker, the combi steamer, the roller grill, the vegetable cutter, smoker, kneading machine, slicer, refrigerated display case, plate warmer, slicer, cotton candy machine, glasswasher, beverage dispenser, convection oven, professional fryer, stove, roasting pan, meat grinder,

To help you better, we offer our comparative pizza oven guide which will allow you to find the ideal model. To find the best pizza oven, we will tell you all the parameters to consider before choosing and before buying. Also learn the different types of models and the features offered by such a device.

How to choose pizza oven?

To help you find YOUR pizza oven, follow our advice. Here are some parameters to consider before purchasing a pizza oven.

Frequency of use

How many times a week do you plan to make pizza? How many hours a day? For less frequent use, it is better to opt for an electric model, easy to transport and store. In addition, if you plan to prepare pizza frequently in your garden, organize evenings with friends or family, an outdoor model would suit you the most. This choice also determines the level of temperature rise as well as the quality of your pizza.


Knowing how to use the various features of your pizza oven is a real plus in order to make the most of all its advantages. For example, you will have an adjustable thermometer or thermostat allowing you to easily control the oven temperature. There is also the timer with which you can adjust the cooking time.

Capacity and dimensions
The capacity and dimensions of the oven allow you to determine the diameter and the number of pizzas that can be baked. Check the exterior and interior dimensions of the oven. Be aware, however, that if the model is large enough, it is relatively heavy. You must, therefore, provide a larger space to place and store it. In addition, it also brings to mind the number of furnace chambers or ranges. For home use, a mini pizza oven or an electric pizza oven will do the trick.

What are the important criteria before purchase?

Before buying a pizza oven, you need to consider several important criteria that will determine if the model is right for you.

The price: before making the purchase, check that the model chosen is within your budget. The price for an electric pizza oven varies between 50 to 100$ while an outdoor oven costs at least 150 to 200$. However, we recommend that you choose a cheap pizza oven for occasional use or if you have only a limited budget.

Available space: opt for compact and easy to store models if you do not have enough space for the location of the oven. Besides, think that the model is in harmony with your decoration.

Ease of use: think of the ease of maintenance and handling of the device. Prefer an easy-to-use model that requires no special knowledge for better comfort of use.

Power: electric, wood or gas, the oven must provide enough power to cook your pizza in a few minutes. A minimum of 1200 W is ideal for an electric oven. In addition, it must reach at least a temperature above 350 ° C for cooking to be most perfect.

Lifespan: this parameter depends on the material used to manufacture the oven. Choose those made of stainless steel, easier to maintain and are generally rust-proof. Be careful when handling certain models with a few plastic parts.


How to choose your pizza oven? Just like choosing other household appliances such as an icemaker and granita, a cold room, a baking sheet, a pasta cooker, a cooker, a cooking pot, stove, microwave oven, mister and popcorn maker, mandolin, grill, stainless steel cart, divider, gas stove, pitcher, ice cream maker, built-in oven, dispenser, juice extractor, washing machine, wok, teapot, a cutting robot, a cooling cell, a wine cellar, a french fries heater, a refrigerated table, a sterilizer, a wringer, an insulated container, a waffle maker, a cookware set, a blender, a food processor, a stockpot, a heat lamp.