Della 9 In 1 Electric Air Fryer Multicooker Halogen Powered LED Display Vertical Rotisserie Oven Stir Fry & Grill, ETL Certified

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  • 9 in 1 air fryer – vertical LCD display with 9 adjustable cooking modes, including manual time/ temperature settings of up to 475°f and 60 minutes
  • Unique design – vertical LCD display with 9 adjustable cooking modes, including manual time/ temperature settings of up to 475°f and 60 minutes
  • Every cooking method – with a rotating rotisserie rack, mixer, bowl, roaster, and even an oil-measuring Spoon, this complete cooking system has you ready to execute any complex culinary Vision
  • Multi-function – packs in the power of a rotisserie Oven, multi fryer, and grill- all in one!
  • Halogen power – utilizes energy efficient halogen technology to cook up food to crispy perfection- 60% faster than conventional methods

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How to choose an electric rotisserie

  • The rotisserie is definitely an appliance for the kitchen with ancient origins, it derives from the cooking methods of our ancestors, when they used to skewer the meat to be cooked on long wooden stalks in order to place it in the middle of the area where there were embers while the person who controlled and rotated the stick with the meat, to facilitate cooking from all sides, could stay at a safe distance that would not get burned.
  • Even cooking , which makes the surface of the meat crispy, in particular those of the animals that cook with the skin like chickens, is one of the advantages of cooking obtained with this appliance. In addition, the fat melts and, dripping from the meat, is mostly eliminated, making the meat leaner even if seasoned with the fat itself and therefore soft and juicy.
  • Modern rotisseries for home use or used in commercial establishments such as rotisseries and restaurants, use electric motors to slowly rotate the pieces of meat in front of the heating element, such as an electric barbecue, or alternatively gas. Then there are models that can be used in a wood-burning oven , or in the fireplace, for cooking over a wood fire which, surely, gives the meat a very pleasant particular flavor.
  • The rod on which the meat is skewered is the spit , a name derived from a hunting tool that was used in ancient times, particularly in Roman times, to kill potentially dangerous animals such as wild boars, by skewering them.

What is the rotisserie?

  • The rotor is an oven accessory, which swings when the Grill function is activated, usually the rotor movement is intermittent, ie when the Grill function is active then the rotor works and when the Grill function is not active then the rotor does not work.
  • The Grill function can also have intermittent operation, which is normal, so you don’t have to worry if you notice that the rotor in your oven stops rotating from time to time.

How to cook by the rotisseries?

  • First good surprise, the roaster is ultra light, so very easy to handle. It changes me pleasantly from my cast iron casserole dish, perfect for simmering, but very heavy … Second advantage of the roaster: preparing the chicken took me a quarter of an hour. The longest part was taking out the ingredients and peeling the potatoes! I added a little olive oil but more out of habit than out of necessity. Once ready, in the oven!
  • To conclude, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the roaster in my opinion:
    • Its light weight, which makes it very easy to handle, and its ultra-easy maintenance.
    • Its big strong point: the ease of preparation, and especially the quality of the cooking.
    • the fact that the oven stays clean, a real pleasure to cook without having to clean everything afterwards!
    • Did not find any real drawback to the roaster, but will put a small flat concerning its look, a little dated for my taste.

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