Fusion 1023221 Oven, 12″ Pizza, Stainless Steel

Band : Fusion

What you need to consider when buying a pizza oven

  • Before choosing the pizza oven you will buy, you must first determine your needs.
  • You have to decide how much pizza you will make, whether you will use a gas or electric pizza oven, and what size oven you need depending on the area you will use in your kitchen.
  • Once you have determined your needs, it will be easier to find the oven that suits you.
  • Another point you should pay attention to when buying a pizza oven is the brand of the product you will buy and the after-sales services.
  • Atalay pizza oven and pizza oven models are among the most preferred and trusted models since they are the leading brands in the industrial kitchen industry.

How to choose the countertop pizza oven?

  • Whether you are at the head of a restaurant offering pizza or a pizzeria, the equipment will be chosen differently.
  • The purchase of pizzeria equipment must be carefully studied taking into account certain criteria and the professional pizza oven is one of the most important elements.
  • Knowing that pizzas cook quickly, the first criterion to take into account is the number of customers per service who will consume pizza or bruschettas.
  • The second criterion is the choice of energy, gas or electricity.
  • Then the power, the number of ovens according to the size and capacity of the rooms as well as their aesthetics.

Frozen pizza prepared in the pizza oven

  • So far we have presented how to bake a fresh pizza, but as the Romanian users have caught the taste and the frozen pizzas, we must present you and how to prepare frozen pizza, this has the advantage that it does not take so much time for its preparation, but only remove from the freezer and put in the oven, and in 15 to 20 minutes it is ready.
  • And for the preparation of frozen pizzas we recommend using the Pizza function, the Heating function Down + Up or the function Convection Air.
  • The recommended level for baking frozen pizzas is 3, the temperature you have to set in the oven is 200 ° C, and the cooking time is only: 15 – 20 minutes.

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