Gohyo 2 Slice Toaster 100% Stainless Steel with Wide Slots & Removable Crumb Tray for Bread & Bagels (Beige)

Band : Gohyo


Product Description

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  • 5-Grade Temperature Adjustment — automatic adjustment of burn bread color, soft and crispy, crisp and delicious, multiple taste, all in control. Perfect for grilling breakfast toast bread, and enjoy a delicous breakfast with families.
  • 2 Slices Wide Slots Design — With a super wide roasting tank can cut the size of the casual bread, to adapt to various sizes of bread, toast.
  • Automatic Evenly Fast Toasting — With controllable runs time, Set 1 (40 Seconds), Set 2 (90 S), Set 3 (140 S), Set 4 (190 S), Set 5 (240 S). NOTE: Approx.10 seconds differences on time.
  • Defrost Function — One-touch switch to be thawed, to enjoy delicious, frozen bread can be thawed to bake in place, minutes to enjoy delicious.
  • All Stainless Steel Material — higher temperature resistance, more insulation, more efficient heating, safer use. Wave winding technology, better heat effect.

How to use a toaster?

  • The toaster is an easy-to-use kitchen appliance.
  • This device is designed for home use. But professionals can also use the toaster.
  • For baking, the slice of bread is slid into the slot.
  • You will need to start by lowering the lever to start toasting the slice.
  • The lever goes up automatically when the cooking is finished. You can use the adjustment knob to set the power of your toaster.
  • In principle, the baking lasts two minutes so be careful not to leave the bread too long in the appliance to avoid burning it.

The type of toasters

  • For information before the purchase, it seems necessary to tell you about the 04 types of toaster available. Starting with the family favorite, which is the 04-slice toaster, the one that can prepare twice as much toast in half the time, which makes all its advantage.
  • Thenthere is the model with two slots, perfect for those who have a limited storage space, it is one of the favorite models of consumers with remarkable performance.
  • Next, there is the vertical model, the one we meet most often, which is also one of the most versatile models, since it is perfect for bakery products without fillings.
  • Finally, there is the horizontal toaster, which is quite wide and therefore occupies a dedicated storage space; but it is more practical knowing that you can cook several kinds of foods such as pizza, for example.

How to maintain your toasters?

  • We cannot say that cleaning your toaster will be a chore since it does not require excessive maintenance.
  • Especially models with a removable drawer to collect crumbs.
  • These only need to be emptied regularly and most of the drawers are removable, so the task is a breeze.
  • That said, before handling to maintain or clean it, remember to unplug and allow your device to cool.
  • And if the outside walls are dirty, a damp cloth and a little soap will in principle do the trick.