NLYR-3 in 1 Multifunction Electric Breakfast Machine,Coffee Maker + Frying Pan + Household Mini Bread Pizza Oven,Easy Clean and Storage,Saving Counter-Top Space and Energy

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  • *TIMER AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL: 9-liter oven, temperature adjustable between 100 and 230 ° C, everything you need for a conventional oven. After the 15-minute timer has elapsed, the mini-oven automatically turns off, saving you time and money.
  • *COMPACT OVEN: The mini oven is ideal for small spaces, ideal for homes, caravans, offices, student residences, camping and much more
  • *FAST AND VERSATILE: The oven is preheated within a few minutes and prepares many different dishes. The mini-oven will meet all requirements, whether you want to prepare casseroles, pizza, croquettes or cakes. The mini oven is the perfect complement to any small kitchen, garden shed or camper.
  • *ENERGY EFFICIENCY: This mini oven meets all your requirements for a traditional oven. You save time and money on your electricity bill. Electric mini-ovens are more energy-efficient and cheaper than conventional ovens because they consume less energy and require less time for heating and cooling.
  • *COFFEE MAKER:With a coffee maker, you can easily make milk or coffee. The coffee pot has a visible waterline and a funnel for brewing coffee and tea.

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How to use a toaster oven

Connect the toaster oven to a secure location on a counter or table. Turn on the oven at the temperature required for cooking your item. Wait until the oven reaches the required temperature.

Prepare the food to be cooked. Once the oven has reached the right temperature, open the door of the door and place the food on the rack inside. Set the timer according to the food heating instructions.

Open the door carefully and check the degree of doneness when the timer rings. Most food should be heated to at least 165 degrees. Carefully remove food from the oven using a mit oven or towel. Let food FLE cool; then eat and enjoy. Remember to unplug the toaster oven after it has cooled down and store it in a dry and safe place.

How to choose the best toaster oven with the air fryer

  • Size and capacity
    Air fryer toaster ovens are available in two sizes (large and medium). Before buying, make sure you have enough space for your air fryer on the counter. The larger the capacity of your oven, the more it will weigh and the larger it will be. Typical medium units can contain 4 to 6 slices of toast. Compared to their larger counterparts, they are more compact, weigh less and are easier to clean. For those who intend to use the oven for large dinners, larger units will be a good choice. These ovens are spacious enough to accommodate 8 slices of toast or a 13-inch pizza.
  • Cooking functions
    The five basic functions of basic toaster ovens for air fryers are broiling, baking, broiling, reheating and air frying. So if you need something to toast bread, heat pizza, and bake cookies, these models should do the trick. If you want more features such as the dehydrating function or the slow cooking function, a more expensive unit is the way to go.
  • Price
    A reliable fryer toaster oven will cost around $ 150. The quality of each product usually goes hand in hand with how much you spend. The more you play, the more advanced the product. For example, high-end ovens are fully equipped to meet all of your needs. Features will include an adjustable timer, premium materials, an LCD screen, practical accessories.

How to toast bread in the toaster ovens?

  • Place the slices of bread on the grid
    To start the preparation, you must first place the bread slices on the rack or the baking tray. The plate or the rack must be placed on the highest position of the oven.
  • Foran effective result, it is preferable to use a fairly strong power in a short time rather than a low power for a longer duration. If you have the possibility, do not hesitate to use the grill.
  • To make your grilled toast, turn on the grill to make your toast in the oven, the quickest method is to light the grill, because this solution only heats the top of this appliance.
  • The main drawback of this solution, however, lies in the fact that the cooking of toast is most often too fast, which causes them to burn. For this, it is essential to carefully monitor the cooking.
  • Halfway through, turn your toast If you have chosen to use the grill or if your slices of bread have been placed on the grill, only the upper side will be able to toast during cooking. To obtain well-grilled toast, you will have to turn it over halfway through cooking.
  • Once the slices of bread are crisp and golden, they must be removed from the oven, because if they are left too long in this appliance, they will be burnt in no time.