Southbend Marathonergold Convection Oven Gas – GB/25CCH


Product Description

Band : South Bend

Product Description : Southbend Marathonergold Convection Oven Gas – GB/25CCH

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  • Southbend – GB/25CCH – Marathoner Gold Double Bakery Depth Gas Convection Oven
  • Marathoner Gold Double Bakery Depth Gas Convection Oven with Cook & Hold Control
  • Southbend
  • GB/25CCH


How safe are convection ovens

  • When a fault occurs, the automatic switch-off device starts operating consequently, preventing overheating of the furniture and waste of energy.
  • The grids and plates inside the oven have a stop system, which allows them to be extracted, without letting them fall to the ground.
  • The tangential cooling ventilation device then facilitates the escape of hot air and the flow of cold air, so that the door and handle do not exceed 40 ° C: if even the oven inside is hot, outside we will not burn ourselves by touching it.
    open the door as little as possible during cooking.

Convection oven benefits

  • With convection (or ventilated) cooking, as we have mentioned, hot air penetrates food more effectively than traditional static cooking.
  • Inthis way, you have the possibility to cook at lower temperatures but without having to extend the times. Another advantage is the greater preservation of the nutritional values ​​of foods, which also translates into tastier final results since high temperatures tend to destroy the properties of foods.
  • The circle of air that is created distributes the heat homogeneously, ensuring uniform cooking both outsides, with that inviting gilding, and inside.
  • Most of the advantages can be found in the au gratin and with the meat dishes (with the roasts it is preferable to humidify the chamber by inserting a steel pot full of water). These appliances can also give great satisfactions in confectionery, since in addition to the golden surface, good humidity is obtained inside a structure that is however consistent.
  • As we reiterated several times, cooking times are faster and temperatures are lower, therefore the benefit is also obtained on energy consumption, especially if we calculate that we can cook multiple dishes at the same time (be careful with desserts, in this case, it is always good to leave some space both above and below the preparation).

What’s convection oven

  • The convection oven works with one or more fans, allowing hot air to circulate inside.
  • By circulating the hot air uniformly, the cooking of food is accelerated, the heat is better distributed and you get better results. Conventional ovens, on the other hand, are generally equipped with a single heating element which does not always allow such constant and precise cooking.
  • A distinction is made between regular convection ovens with two heating elements and “real” convection ovens (also called European convection ovens) since the latter usually contains a third heating element, located near the fan at the rear of the oven. The heat, therefore, circulates even better.
  • With a convection oven, your dishes will be cooked to perfection!

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