Sunvivi 18 Quart Electric Roaster Oven, Turkey Roaster Electric Roaster Oven Buffet with Self-Basting Lid Removable Pan, Full-Range Temperature Control Cool-Touch Handles, Silver

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  • Large Capacity and Portable: High dome cover design.18 Quart Electric Roaster Oven is perfect for baking, roasting, or boiling on holiday or at a party.Convenient for indoor gatherings and courtyard BBQ!
  • Heat Preservation: Do not worry about dissipating heat with cooked food. Turn the button to “KEEP WARM” before the arrival of friends or family.The food in “KEEP WARM” is exactly same as it baked few minutes ago.
  • Multiple Temperature Settings: According to different preferences and requirements, choose the appropriate temperature. More convenient to make food suitable for most people’s taste. Raise or lower the temperature as needed.
  • Easy to Clean: Contains a removable steel grill and pan. After cooking, baking or roasting,it is easy to clean out.The next time you use it, it will be as clean as ever.
  • Cold-touch Handle Design: There is a cold-touch handle,which prevent your hand from being burnt,on the lid of the electric oven.With this insulated handle you can safely uncover the electric oven when you finish baking and cooking.


How to choose an electric rotisserie

  • The rotisserie is definitely an appliance for the kitchen with ancient origins, it derives from the cooking methods of our ancestors, when they used to skewer the meat to be cooked on long wooden stalks in order to place it in the middle of the area where there were embers while the person who controlled and rotated the stick with the meat, to facilitate cooking from all sides, could stay at a safe distance that would not get burned.
  • Even cooking , which makes the surface of the meat crispy, in particular those of the animals that cook with the skin like chickens, is one of the advantages of cooking obtained with this appliance. In addition, the fat melts and, dripping from the meat, is mostly eliminated, making the meat leaner even if seasoned with the fat itself and therefore soft and juicy.
  • Modern rotisseries for home use or used in commercial establishments such as rotisseries and restaurants, use electric motors to slowly rotate the pieces of meat in front of the heating element, such as an electric barbecue, or alternatively gas. Then there are models that can be used in a wood-burning oven , or in the fireplace, for cooking over a wood fire which, surely, gives the meat a very pleasant particular flavor.
  • The rod on which the meat is skewered is the spit , a name derived from a hunting tool that was used in ancient times, particularly in Roman times, to kill potentially dangerous animals such as wild boars, by skewering them.

What is the rotisserie?

  • The rotor is an oven accessory, which swings when the Grill function is activated, usually the rotor movement is intermittent, ie when the Grill function is active then the rotor works and when the Grill function is not active then the rotor does not work.
  • The Grill function can also have intermittent operation, which is normal, so you don’t have to worry if you notice that the rotor in your oven stops rotating from time to time.

How to use the rotisseries?

  • Electric rotisseries often replace mechanical ones because they are powerful and have a lower price.
  • As for the mechanical ones, they combine the charm of the ticking of the clock mechanism, the spring winder and the end of stroke sound warning.
  • It should be added that the electric one, even in case of voltage drop, is equipped with a crank.
  • On the catalog there is still a mechanical model, made by an old artisan manufacturer.
  • It is the model that those who have the most time to take a break and enjoy the show choose: you must never leave the mechanical one because it must be recharged every 15 minutes; the spring manages two skewers for a maximum total load of 12 kg.

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