TAMUME Stovetop Bread Baker Toaster Sandwich Iron Maker Non-stick Coating for Breakfast Set Stovetop Toaster Size for 2 Piece of Toast on Camp Pie Iron (Pie Iron)



Product Description

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  • Plate Dimensions: 15cm * 14cm *3cm (6″ *5.5″ *1.1”); Handle Length: 21cm (8.3”); Weight: 335g(0.74lb);
  • Material and Structure Details: This square iron is made from high-grade aluminum alloy. All the joint part is firmly fixed with double screws. The handle is equipped with a O-ring and a iron lock for space-saving storage.
  • Removable Metal Hinge for Thorough Cleaning –The hinge between the two plates is detachable, so you can cook two separately with foil paper, or clean the corner easily and thoroughly.
  • Non-stick Coating for Easy Usage: the metal plate is finished with high-quality non-stick coating so that you will save much time in cooking and cleaning. Also, the water drop will hardly stay on the non-stick coating, so the plate will be kept dry and clean!
  • Suitable for bread baking over campfire, electrothermal oven or other stovetops excluding induction. Also works great with vegetable and meat.

What is the toasters?

  • Everyone knows what a toaster is, we all have the image of a kind of “box” in which we insert two slices of bread that we previously took the time to cut so that ‘They are not too thick to be able to enter the slot.
  • We lower the lever, and we wait to catch up with the toasted slices.
  • But that’s the stereotype of the classic toaster.
  • Today, some brands offer more modern devices with original designs and lots of options. So of course, some would say that to toast two slices of bread a day, there is no need for a competition machine.
  • But when we see the prices relatively accessible, we say that there is no reason to do without. those who let themselves be tempted will quickly become addicted to their bread in the morning, whether it be fresh bread, sandwich bread, or a croissant warmed to the point.
  • But for that, you will have to be careful to choose your device well, because not all of them offer the same functions. Here is a summary of the criteria to take into account during your purchase.

How to find the best toaster?

  • The bread racks are available in several models. The thermostat, the capacity of the machine and the number of slots vary from one model to another. In particular, the number, lengths, and thicknesses of the slots vary depending on the model.
  • The number of slots to choose should depend on the size of the family, this ranges from 1 to 4. Ideal for preparing several toasts for your events, such as birthday parties.
  • Some to are now able to keep bread warm for a long time. Some models only allow you to grill one side.
  • allow you to print patterns on toast. There are also multifunction devices that can be used as a yogurt maker, a cheesemaker or a rice cooker.
  • Without forgetting the automatic ejection toaster which ejects the bread automatically.
  • Tofind the best toaster, you will need to take into account your needs, preferences, and budget. You will also need to know the technical details that make the difference between a good and a bad toaster.

How to maintain your toasters?

  • We cannot say that cleaning your toaster will be a chore since it does not require excessive maintenance.
  • Especially models with a removable drawer to collect crumbs.
  • These only need to be emptied regularly and most of the drawers are removable, so the task is a breeze.
  • That said, before handling to maintain or clean it, remember to unplug and allow your device to cool.
  • And if the outside walls are dirty, a damp cloth and a little soap will in principle do the trick.