YHLZ Toaster Oven, Uniform Heated Toaster Oven With Rotating Fork And Lighting, With Timing And Temperature Control, Has Multiple Baking Modes(30L Capacity)

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  • ★UNIFORM HEATING: Even-heat technology provides consistent heat for quick and evenly baking or toasting. It brings better flavors in your food. built-in timer and temperature control knob help to heat perfectly. And 60 minutes timer can be set to remind you when a dish is finished and offers plenty of time for the requirements of most recipes.
  • ★MLUTI-FUNCTION TOASTER OVEN: This powerful oven has many cooking functions to bake, broil, convection bake and toast, as well as a variable temperature range of 65℃ to 250℃ for cooking various recipes. The convection bake setting results in faster and more evenly cooked food by circulating heat throughout the toaster.
  • ★LARGE CAPACITY: It’s big enough to cook all types of meat. You can fit bread or pizza in it easily. Perfect size for your family, will cook a wide range of different types of food. Compact appearance take up very little space, perfect fit for your kitchen counter-top.
  • ★QUICK CLEANUP: Dishwasher safe removable bake tray and grilled net for quick and easy cleanup. After cooking greasy foods, let the toaster-oven cool and clean the non-stick interior to ensure your oven will perform like new.
  • ★EASY TO USE – Just fill the tray with your food and put it into the oven. Set the timer then the temperature. You can monitor the toasting process via the see-through window. Makes cooking easy and safe. Besides, we will be equipped with a conversion plug, you don’t need to prepare separately, convenient to use.

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How to safe a toaster oven

  • A self-cleaning toaster oven is better insulated, they are more energy-efficient when used for cooking. However, if you run the self-cleaning function on your oven more than once a month, you will offset the savings you have made. With light to moderate use, your oven should be able to clean every one to three months.
  • Save on electricity used with a self-cleaning oven by cleaning the oven just after high-temperature use. For example, if you set your oven to clean after having tasty food at 450 degrees, it takes less energy to get the oven up to the required 900 degrees.
  • If you have pet birds, remove them from the house before cleaning your oven. On heated cooking surfaces, oils and greases can create fumes that are harmful to the bird’s delicate airways.

Why the toaster-oven?

  • The toaster-oven is a simplified version of the conventional oven. Among other advantages, it is easier to clean and use, especially if it is equipped with the automatic shutdown function. It is of course not very complicated to heat frozen pizzas or nachos, but your teen can also learn to prepare more sophisticated Dishes such as asparagus fries and chicken breasts.
  • The first thing to teach your teenager is planning his meals. Ask him what he would like to learn to cook and find some easy recipes with him. Shop with him and show him the importance of staying on budget. This is an education that will serve him all his life!
  • Doiscuss safety rules  Review with your adolescent all the cooking methods offered by your toaster-oven so that he is familiar with each of them. Talk to them about what foods you can put in the device and what you can’t put in it. Remind them to never leave the toaster oven unattended while it is in operation, or to leave anything on top of it, as the appliance will get very hot. Finally, review with him the food safety rules to avoid contamination and insufficient cooking of food.

How to cooking a toaster oven? Gourmet ideas

  • grilling As the name suggests, the easiest way to use a toaster is toasting. Since the bedroom has a lot more room than the slots in a removable toaster, you can let your creativity run wild with bread. Use your device wisely and look for toast recipes with toppings like garlic bread, cheese toast or melted sandwiches.
  • baking : If you are a food lover and want to try your hand at making bread, the toaster oven will be more than enough to get you started. Just have your flour, water and yeast ready. It even acts as a leaven for your dough.Other great ideas include cookies, muffins, cupcakes and cakes. Potatoes cooked in a toaster can be incredibly sweet and delicious. Add butter, cheese, sauce or any other condiment of your choice.