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Cooking in a convection oven has several advantages. Trips, Like conventional ovens, convection ovens have a heating element, but they also have a fan that circulates the hot air inside the oven. The cooking temperature is thus distributed more evenly and gives better cooking.

Convection cooking is also interesting in terms of energy efficiency since it is faster and is done at lower temperatures, which allows consuming less energy. (Some portable convection ovens are an exception to the rule, however: you should avoid buying a device that is less well insulated than a regular oven and which, by the same token, is less efficient.)

Another very practical advantage of the convection oven: you can cook on several levels at the same time without affecting the cooking of the food, which saves time and saves energy.

Two disadvantages, on the other hand: it is higher cost to purchase and the noise of the fan, which can sometimes be disturbing. Whichever you choose, at the time of purchase, opt for a device with a large window that is also well lit from the inside; this will allow you to monitor your cooking without having to open the oven and thereby lose heat.

why use the convection oven?

The convection oven uses hot air to cook food. Its operation developed thanks to the second principle of thermodynamics, will, therefore, take place thanks to thermal convection, where the heat is transferred from the system at the higher temperature to that at a lower temperature.

It will be easily understood that the technical apparatus of the oven, by circulating the hot air in the chamber, will bring the food towards optimal cooking.

Thanks to the technology and efficiency developed around convection ovens, these are gradually replacing the traditional ones.

Convection oven benefits

With convection (or ventilated) cooking, as we have mentioned, hot air penetrates food more effectively than traditional static cooking. In this way, you have the possibility to cook at lower temperatures but without having to extend the times. Another advantage is the greater preservation of the nutritional values ​​of foods, which also translates into tastier final results since high temperatures tend to destroy the properties of foods.

The circle of air that is created distributes the heat homogeneously, ensuring uniform cooking both outsides, with that inviting gilding, and inside.

Most of the advantages can be found in the au gratin and with the meat dishes (with the roasts it is preferable to humidify the chamber by inserting a steel pot full of water). These appliances can also give great satisfactions in confectionery, since in addition to the golden surface, good humidity is obtained inside a structure that is however consistent.

As we reiterated several times, cooking times are faster and temperatures are lower, therefore the benefit is also obtained on energy consumption, especially if we calculate that we can cook multiple dishes at the same time (be careful with desserts, in this case, it is always good to leave some space both above and below the preparation).