What does convection oven mean?

What does convection oven mean?

convection ovens of the type:

halogen: the halogen heat is particularly suitable for frying, grilling food and cooking all those foods that need a heat source present in the upper part of the oven
infrared: the infrared heat allows you to perform the most basic types of cooking and also includes grilling, but due to the very strong direct heat, it may be necessary to turn the food several times to avoid burning them
gas or electric by conduction: it is an excellent heat system to be used for cooking, grilling, toasting, but it is also very good for creating a crunchy surface crust on food.


What is convection oven cooking?

The main advantage of a convection oven is that it allows you to prepare almost anything. These ovens, in general, are particularly suitable for dough products such as bread and cakes, which with the convection system come out soft and well-leavened thanks to the constant circulation of air. With convection ovens, you can also prepare roasts of meat, potatoes or vegetables. The high temperatures allow you to cook everything to perfection, crispy on the outside and soft and rich in flavor on the inside. By setting the appliance at low temperatures, you have the possibility to cook more slowly: ideal for making meat cuts that require long cooking times even softer.

How safe are convection ovens?

  • When a fault occurs, the automatic switch-off device starts operating consequently, preventing overheating of the furniture and waste of energy
  • The grids and plates inside the oven have a stop system, which allows them to be extracted, without letting them fall to the ground
  • The tangential cooling ventilation device then facilitates the escape of hot air and the flow of cold air, so that the door and handle do not exceed 40 ° C: if even the oven inside is hot, outside we will not burn ourselves by touching it.
    open the door as little as possible during cooking.