What is the best toaster in 2020?

What is the best toaster?

The toast of bread, a typically French pleasure. If you are a bread lover like me or just a big foodie, you know that the toaster is a breakfast essential. And as a professional baker, you might as well say that I am uncompromising as to the quality of my toast in the morning! We are not joking about that!

And manufacturers have understood this by offering a wide choice of toaster models. Sometimes difficult to navigate with all these references. They are found at all prices, with or without a brand. This is why I decided to write this article and put my experience of the baker in contributions so you can find the toaster that fits you the most.

And this is a completely impartial opinion. I have not received any device from one of the brands mentioned in this article. This experience is the result of personal purchases, model tests with relatives or clients of my courses.

Here are all the important points to take into account before buying your future toaster:

The power
Like many household appliances, it is important to look at the power, this being expressed in watts. Because a toaster delivering more power will allow you to have resistances that heat up faster and toast your bread more quickly and efficiently. This is important because it will keep all the crispness of your bread without drying it out.

I, therefore, recommend that you choose a toaster with a power of at least 850-900 watts. For regular and frequent use, I invite you to choose a device with at least 1000 watts of power.

That being said, it is not useful to choose an oversized device if your use does not require it. Because it may cost a little more in electricity.

The slots
It is often forgotten but the number of slots, their sizes, and their thicknesses is important elements to take into account. For the number, it will really determine if your toaster is for a family or if you have a big appetite in the morning. As a general rule, we can find bread racks with 1 to 4 slots.
So, of course, no need to buy a toaster with many slots if you are just a couple because you will usually lose length. A toaster 1 slot will allow you to place a half-baguette while several slots will be intended for small slices of sandwich bread for example. As for the thickness, it varies according to the models and we find thicknesses ranging from 28 mm to 38 mm.

The thermostat
It is important that your toaster has a thermostat as this will allow you to get toast with ideal toasting according to your desires. There are also models offering bread toasting levels in order to be able to adjust the baking of the bread and its browning. On this type of model, it is not the power is adjusted but in reality the distance between the bread and the grill.

The extra elevation
A sufficiently high lift is a good way to avoid burning your hands when trying to catch your toasted sandwiches. Manufacturers have understood this by now offering toaster models with an extra high lift (or extra elevation) to avoid having to insert their hands into the toaster to retrieve your bread slices.

Automatic lowering and raising of the bread
It’s the safest way to avoid getting burned: an automatic lowering and raising system for toast. A sensor automatically detects the presence of your sandwiches and lowers them automatically to make the toast. This very practical system rather equips high-end toasters.

The garbage collector
Do not buy a toaster without collecting crumbs. It is simply essential. No one likes to have a burning smell at home because leftover breadcrumbs have crept to the bottom of the toaster. And this will also save you from having to turn over and shake your toaster to collect the crumbs.

A defrost mode
This is a feature that is often overlooked, but the toaster can be used to defrost bread. A defrosting mode is present on certain toasters allowing the healing power to be adjusted to defrost gently.

The price
There are toasters from around thirty euros to over 300 € for the most sophisticated models. Of course, the purchase will be mainly based on your use. If you plan to use it almost every morning, go directly to a medium model or even high-end. You get what you pay for. Conversely, if the device is intended for more occasional use, no need to go on a very expensive model.

But in any case, I strongly advise you not to go on a low-end toaster. There are many in stores and on the net but these devices have a very short lifespan, do not burn properly, and can even be dangerous to use. An investment in this type of device would be a real waste of money, even if you use it infrequently.

In any case, I invite you to buy your future toaster on the Internet. The promotions of merchant sites like Amazon are generally more attractive than those offered in stores. Also, it is not uncommon to find a price increase in the store during certain periods of the year such as during the holidays. In addition, there is a wider choice of references on the Internet and many comparisons like the one you are currently reading. Generally, reviews are more impartial, which is not always the case for some store sellers.

The brand and the warranty
Also, favor brands known for their reliability. These brands will offer better guarantees and it will be easier to find different accessories. Some brands unknown to the battalion will not offer after-sales service and it is often difficult to find information about them.

Do not buy a model for 50 euros or more if you do not have at least a 2-year warranty. You will get your money’s worth and you will be quieter if the device breaks down. Generally, KitchenAid offers the longest warranty with 5 years for its Artisan model. The majority of other brands offer a warranty of 2 years except for the input range of models which have a year warranty.